Hello world!

MORE MORE, MORE – how d’ya like it, how d’ya like it.

well here I am again just a few scant hours after post #1 and so far I’ve apparently gotten replies to my first post, but can’t see them!  charming. I can see right now that this whole blogging shit could go straight to hell quicker than spit.  I’ll admit I’m not a rocket scientist, but if 85 yr. old grandmothers in Fon du Lac, WI can run blogs to showcase their blue-ribbon-winning pie recipes, then a goddamn NYU graduate should be able to figure this shit out!

seriously, these bitches shouldn’t have one up on me!

hey, if they can blog, so can I!


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crippled, spinster in cyberspace!

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  1. title=””> IT’S TOO LATE TO TURN BACK NOW!

    QUICK, HIDE THE KIDDIES AND THE CHOCOLATE because this is the first day of my life as another bitchy, cranky, fed-up woman of a certain age spouting off!

    forget that four-letter word, LOVE. YES, I SAID FOR-GET IT. what the world REALLY needs is an urban dwelling, hot-headed, pissed-off, introspective, highly opinionated, filthy-minded, foul-mouthed, WHEELCHAIR philosopher ready to push the joystick on my motorized chair into high gear and RUN EVERYONE THE HELL DOWN! so move outta the way Dlisted, go dye your hair PEREZ and Harvey Levin, screw you and your faux-hipster neophytes on TMZ – there’s a new bitch in town and she’s gunnin’ fer ya!

    the world has run amok. the USA is still fighting two utterly useless wars, lots of people hate Obama, millions of gallons of oil continues pouring into the Gulf of Mexico, Wall Street is still out of control, teabaggers are taking over and Sarah Palin still exists. ladies and gents, desperate times call for desperate measures and I’m here to answer the call, for I AM NORMA – NORMA DESPERATE. I am not fair and lord knows I’m not balanced, but I speak of truth. you may not like my truth or anything else I have to say. if so, bfd – go elsewhere. this is my fucking blog and I can say what I want. gracious hag that I am, you are free to leave any comments you please, whether you agree with me or not – just be aware that I will respond as I see fit. if the shit starts flying you can duck for cover or take it like a man (up the ass in prison).

    right now I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m doing it, so bear with me if shit appears, disappears or comes out like a crazy, writhing fundamentalist speaking in tongues. I know nothing of codes, HTML or even how to tell you where to find me yet, but hopefully, that will change. Norma may be Desperate, but the bitch is on the ball!

    and away we go!

  2. Yikes, hope my personal info isn’t public, but anyway, you’re on a roll so keep rolling. The haters are taking over the world so we might as well call ’em as we see ’em. They want to build a mosque at Ground zero with a 500-seat auditorium to hold “terrorists who worship the monkey-god”. What is the world coming to? Kids in our classrooms go to school worried that their parents at home “without papers” may not be there when they get there – rounded up by the possees in Arizona. Oye Vey. No one can capture it all like Norma so go for it and let’s see where it gets ya!

    • what info did they want, your blood type and SS# number?? what year you hit menopause?? face it, paranoia runs deep in all of us, but if you have a credit card, a cell phone and a checking account, chances are there’s already a dossier on you somewhere!

  3. Wow, Norma, don’t hold back now. Let it all hag, er, hang out!

  4. I’ve bookmarked this on my bar just past my email so I’ll see it daily. From skimming (cuz I’m home in between work and time is limited) I see I could forget my other news.. you covered it already!! I’ll check in after work.

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