Texas, PLEASE do us all a favor and SECEDE!

Lemme tell ya, I’m really getting sick and tired of the conservative crazies running amok and the Tea Party’s overall hate-mongering, but down Texas way, they’re getting ready to turn the clock back to the the days when you had to pray in school (or else!), recite the Pledge of Allegiance  every morning (or else!) and let’s not forget incidents like this:

Teacher reprimanded for art show field trip where nude statues displayed!

it’s bad enough that George W. and the Branch Davidian’s, David Koresh were both pathological nut-jobs who either thought they were God or were special enough to get direct messages from the big guy upstairs himself, but now, from the folks that bring us a seemingly endless supply of lethal injections, vapid beauty queens and chicken fried steak (ok, the latter contribution could be forgiven if the gravy’s really good), comes word that there will be no mention of the separation of church and state in future textbooks. well isn’t that charming!

Texas adopts social studies changes; calls for conservative textbooks, reunites \’church and state\’

huh??  so, let me get this straight, are they now going to try to tie all historical events to Jayzus and the Scripture as written in their book of dreams and ignore one of the key principles that our Founding Fathers were so adamant about?  well what a treat for all non-Christians students!  no doubt about it now, those gun-lovin’, ten gallon hat and cowboy boot wearin’ politicians of Texas have just crossed over into the INSANE ZONE.  in spite of the immense diversity that likely litters their classrooms (I mean, isn’t the state mostly Mexican illegal immigrants anyway?), now everyone will be fed a heaping helping of history designed to undoubtedly, flatter those on the Jayzus and the Bi-ble diet, because everyone knows Christians know best! EVERYTHING may bigger in Texas, but clearly brains are not among the bounty.

I mean, this is some seriously scary stuff.  WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE AND WHY WOULD ANYONE BE WILLING ACCEPT THIS NONSENSE??  this is dangerous people.  what next – rewriting the books to proclaim the Earth is flat??  denying JFK was killed there? BAH, you know what I think?  I think they need to take their redneck pea brains and SECEDE from the Union!  hey, they want autonomy to set up their own laws that defy common sense and logic  – LET ‘EM HAVE IT – and then stay away from the rest of us!   okay, well maybe everyone but Austin!  with their bass-ackwards thinking and dictatorial religious beliefs, I like what Ozzy Osbourne once did  – he literally PEED on the Alamo!  now if only we could organize a mass PEE-IN…


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  1. Mexicans… they’re OK because they be Catholic and that being at least a religion that has G-d as the base, it’s not a huge jump to change them all to Evangelicals or whatever will be the state religion once they do depart from the rest of the states.

    As for the textbooks… wtf?… why would a small group be the deciding factor as to what goes into ALL k-12 textbooks? How the bloody hell did that start??

    The NY Times (oh dear, that SOCIALIST printed propaganda) article had what I would call a huge slap in the face to the Civil Rights Movement for inclusion in these ‘text book improvements’:

    There have also been efforts among conservatives on the board to tweak the history of the civil rights movement. One amendment states that the movement created “unrealistic expectations of equal outcomes” among minorities.

    Ok, I’ll shut up…. for now. Keep up the vigil, Lady!

  2. So here’s the deal. The “tea party” and all their anti-government rhetoric are fueling enormous negative feelings and hate in this country. They are very ‘tolerant’ as long as they hang around only with people who have the same beliefs as they do. Like the moonies, these beligerent, motherf**king Glen Beckies rely on viewing only one source for their information in order to get a view of world news and other like-minded opinions that supports their screwed up racists point of view. Whatever happened to listening to people who have different opinions than you and actively pursuing facts and information that drives decision-making that represents a common sense view of the world around you? A world that is full of diversity and culture and, best of all, freedom of speech and religion. Give ’em a gun and they can just put their beliefs where there six-shooter is and all is well with the world.

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