Hey celebs/FB morons, your brain is calling and is “AWAITING CONFIRMATION”!

Dateline: Thursday, 5/27 – 11:45pm:

I like FB.  yes, it’s retarded and a waste of time but jesus effin’ christ, you know what pisses me off?  getting FB updates of people who are now confirmed friends of people you’ve tried to friend but were ignored by!  I mean, wtf is up with that??  why am I getting notices of the zillions of people they’re now friends with when they won’t confirm you – or in my case – ME??  and why should I give a rat’s ass what they’re doing or who they’ve added when I’m not among them?

now mind you, I’m not asking to be befriended by some secret society, dead celebrity or head of state, these are usually fan sites open to anyone, so why am I not being added to their already list of  THOUSANDS??  do I smell or have you detected an internet STD I’m carrying but don’t know about??  hell, I even try to send a nice little personal note attached to my friend request and so far, I’ve been met with DEAD SILENCE from several celeb-types who really should know better.  it makes me even angrier when you have a few friends in common.  I mean, how hard is it for whoever runs the site and is in charge of accepting friend requests to take a quick look at shared people and see that this person should be confirmed stat??

case in point here is this gentleman, my #1 offender – MARK LINDSAY, former lead singer and all-around heartthrob of Paul Revere & The Raiders.  I HAVE TWICE requested to be “friended” by Mark (yes, I know that he probably hasn’t looked like this in 30 years!), but so far, nuttin’:


seriously Mark, when a fan says your band was the first they ever saw live, this person IS A PRIORITY!  he currently has 4,800+ friends, including several we share – but so far, I’m not one of them!!

Mark dear, this is bad for business – you need to coddle us old boomer chicks who used to think you were the hottest thing in tights (trust me, he was!).   some of us are still willing to plop some coin in your coffers, so a little effort here on your part would go a LONG way.  I went onto your regular website the other day and was tempted to buy some goodies, but remembered that I’m still waiting to be anointed as a “friend” and decided not to bother, so c’mon baby, show me WHERE THE ACTION IS and I’ll gladly reconsider!

presenting our culprit #2, Michael K., author of the often-scathingly brilliant gossip blog, “dlisted.com”.  as everyone who knows me knows, I live for this trash site – it’s my fucking Homepage for crying out loud and I read it every hour on the hour when I’m home.  he’s foul-mouthed, twisted and his queer sensibility just adds to the fun.  I post comments regularly so it’s not like he doesn’t see my avatar and JT moniker spouting off on his postings – but as of this writing, I have been “AWAITING CONFIRMATION” as his friend for OVER A YEAR. yes, you read right.  in fact, he was the first “celebrity” if you will, that I tried friending when I joined FB a year and a half ago – and I’m STILL WAITING…

MICHAEL K - on MY D-LIST! 5,000 friends, but not ME!!

oh yes and lest I forget one more, the leader of a legendary disco-funk band from the 70’s who shall remain nameless.  we not only have a good mutual friend, but we knew each other (more or less) from the old Hialeah homestead!  huh – WTF??  now to be fair, I rarely get updates from him on my FB Homepage, but when I do they’re always a FRIEND CONFIRMATION!  HELLO, how hard is it to click the ACCEPT button?

Listen, I’m not a stalker (yet) and in this person’s instance, not even really a stranger, but here I am getting updates on who HAS been confirmed as a friend!  HEY, IF I’M NOT ONE OF THEM, I DON’T WANNA KNOW!  yes, I could probably click a button and ask not to be notified of these things (if I can find it among FB’s stoopid, ever-changing controls), but it’s so much more fun bitching and whining about it!  NOT!!

aww, screw this – I’m going to go eat some chocolate.

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  1. More friends? More? I have trouble keeping up with my entire screwed up family on FB let alone people I drool over. One could spend half a life going through all the crap people seem to think others need to see and/or know about them. And yeah, I’m one that does post crap. I kinda like my crap. I guess you like your crap too.

    Ok, let’s hear it for crap! Yippy.

    I feel your pain, lady…. I too have been shunned and crushed on FB. I like to think it’s the people running the page FOR the people that shunned me. Yeah, that’s it! It’s the assholes that don’t know I belong there! I BELONG, DAMN IT!

  2. well, fuck ’em – if (they or) their site administrators are too stoopid to admit me into their mega-thousand friend club, then honey, I’ll just move along to the next one! who needs them anyway! but I may keep a running tally on who’s ignored me just for a laugh. so far it’s really only those three, but I’m sure there are more out there waiting!

  3. Just finished reading “Accidental Billionaires” – crazy story of the Harvard geeks that founded facebook in their dorm room to meet ‘hot chicks’. 6 years later and it’s worth $215 billion! You think they give a damn abut your privacy. Not a chance – social networking is about big bucks and the last one to benefit from all this shit are the people who choose to use these portals. But…get used to it, this is the future and progress! LOL

  4. How can a stack of computers and a program be worth $215 BILLION???? And why can’t I think of something like this?

  5. at the chance of sounding too sally fieldish…please let me say….BACK ATCHA THERE OTAKU! you DO fucking belong…DAMNIT. farging iceholes. i told cuz (don’t care WHAT her fuckin’ bro says…that tellalian girl be my KIN)…oops….digressing. i’ve had the VERY SAME experience…sending lovely friends o’ mine to someone that knows them…and i’ll be SNOOKERED….that “someone” friends THEM…..well SURE. but ME??? not so much. and the someone i’m thinking of shared various and sundry powders , body fluids, and the gosh darn stage with me. youuuu betcha.
    lets put their bells in a sling. lets all watch that movie again too, just so we can here the word “bastiches” again.
    ohhhh yeeeaaaahhhh…..and i’ve had the lovely experience of sending a letter to my so called “friends” ….to see if they’d like to help a fellow musician who’s needing medical help…”no pressure, y’all….i set up a pay pal acct…but if you can’t…just say so. it’s enough that you care. we’re not a nation that takes care of our artists, so time to get the BACKS of our OWN.”
    guess what i mostly received…..from over TWO HUNDRED EEJITS…many of them musicians (and some who could’ve bought a fuckin’ YACHT for the needy old timer)? YES SIREE BOB. you’ve ALREADY GUESSED.
    i got mostly SILENCE. was DE-FRIENDED BY TWO assholes (oh how COULD i have?), and received one ultra snotty…”i find your request ANNOYING” note.
    ARE THEY KIDDIN’ ME? i see benefit this…benefit that….all OVER the bloodsucking fb thang.
    course the MOST unattractive thing i see is this. …
    moron middle-aged scenester, with equally moronic nickname …checks in EVERY SINGLE MORNING, AFTERNOON,EVENING.
    with WHAT?
    i’ll TELL YA what. with EARTH shattering news like…”having some tea now…earl grey” ok there bucky….you’re a SIXTY YEAR OLD MAN ya MO FO. are you still in summer camp or sumptin?
    and yet….and yet….MIRACIOUSLY…at least SIXTY sycophantic little lemmings will comment on mr scene maker’s important post. “ohhhh i LOOOVEEE EAAARRRLL GREEEEYYY. OHHHH….my MOUTH is OPEN….will you PEE IN IT??”
    that’s all i’m sayin’ willis. ok…how do i follow your blog thing girl?
    you guys better go follow MINE. like NOW.
    go to vardzieheads.com……or nevardmusic.com, and click on follow. it’ll ask you to register for a gmail acct…if you haven’t got one. just freakin pick a name and the same password ya use for EVERYTHING….and follow, would you? sorry…in a very bossy mood after the bad “friends” rant.
    love you cuzzzzzzzzzzzz. and you too renee’ and otaku.
    mighty fine folks you is.

  6. oh by the way otaku and renee…..friend ME on fb, and ya won’t be AWAITING CONFIRMATION….like you’re tony perkin’s mamma covered in the cobwebs in the FUCKING BASEMENT. sorry. done now. i swear.

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