Norma’s gotta brand new bag – and no it’s not a Prada!

– a Doggy Bag is more like it, because Miss Norma Desperate is HUNGRY (yes Mark Lindsay, my non-Facebook friend – that was for you!) and has decided to open her arms – and mouth – by sharing her crazy culinary adventures with all of her FABULOUS fans!  whether it’s the crappy diner down the street for a tuna melt or experiencing an exquisite meal at one of NYC’s fine establishments, eating out (AND ordering in) here in the Big Apple (Tart) is a huge part of our life, so come along as Norma wines and dines her way around one of the great foodie capitals of the world!

of course Miss Desperate is still going to retain the snark she’s so famous for, only now her mouth will be stuffed with food and her brain cells rearranged from any accompanying spirits!  yes kids, it’ll be fun for the whole family!!

and don’t be surprised if a recipe or two shows up here as well!  YES, I CAN COOK –

having a delicious Latin Cosmo @ Vamos! nyc while I wait for my Tacos De Camarones (shrimp tacos) to arrive! HEAVEN!

About normadesperate

crippled, spinster in cyberspace!

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  1. ChelseaGirl

    Ooooohhhhh looks good. What pray tell is in a Latin Cosmo?

  2. ChelseaGirl

    My posts are not posting!

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