Back From The Dead

well okay, not quite, but after an interminable winter with more snow than we’d had the previous interminable winter, it kind of feels like I’m crawling out of a mummy’s tomb and seeing daylight for the first time in 3,000 years.

"is that, th-th-the sun??"






















not that winter’s shroud has lifted entirely yet, but there are signs, hopeful signs – like our weather forecasters completely missing the mark several days in a row.  for three or four days now, those overpaid prognosticators with hair that doesn’t move even in hurricane squalls, have promised sunshine and climbing temps, but all we’ve gotten are glimpses of Ra through mostly gloomy clouds and continued chills.  my guess is they know we’re pretty sick of the cold weather at this point in time, so they just say whatever sounds good and upbeat, even if it’s totally wrong.  seriously, my cousin can predict the weather better by simply sticking his head out the window!  and for some reason, it happens the same time every year.  despite bold-faced proclamations featuring “Accu-Weather” forecasts doled out by supposedly high-tech, meteorologic tools like the ever-popular, Doppler 4000 or Radar 7 or whatever number sounds futuristic, they just can’t get it right.  however, it’s mid-March, so Spring really is around the corner, which is good news for those of us who hole up in hermetically-sealed apartments until we see the last mound of dirty, city snow with an empty paper coffee cup or a pile of dog poop imbedded in it, disintegrate.  and of course, that means it’s time for Miss Norma to reappear and start blabbing again about her favorite subject: FOOD and BEVERAGES!  and yep, I have some new obsessions to talk about.

now here’s the deal, if I’m not out have wine or cocktails, I pretty much stick to water made through my PUR water pitcher (I really do think its double-filtration tastes better than Brita) or I drink tea. hot tea usually in the winter, but this year I started quenching my thirst with what I think are the best bottled cold teas I’ve ever had – and, they’re unsweetened for those of us who think that most bottled teas taste like Paula Deen made ’em using a pound of sugar.

TEA’S TEA, when I first discovered them, was only available at Whole Foods, but now, the word is out and many delis in my general vicinity sell it too.  it ain’t cheap – $1.99 per 16.9 oz. bottle at WF or $2.25 at the delis, but it’s well worth it.  most of the flavors they offer are a green tea base, but there are a slew of tasty varieties like Green White, Green Jasmine, Green with Lemongrass, Golden Oolong and my personal favorite – Mint Green. they are absolutely delicious and I always have a ton on hand!  however, a quick look at their website tonight gave me pause to shudder since they are made by a Japanese company and imported – apparently some of their offices in Northeast Japan have been damaged by the quake and/or tsunami.  I am officially in mourning and hope that this all works out for all concerned.  needless to say, I will be scouring the neighborhood in the next few days to buy up my favorite flavors just in case!

so refreshing and packed with green tea goodness!!



















and an unexpected delight was this find at, of all places, my local CVS!  ANNA’S ALMOND CINNAMON THINS.  trust me, I’m not the type to buy fauxr-met foods at a drug store, but these caught the eye of my pal who I was there with.  he bought them as a munchie treat for when we play board games and I really wasn’t convinced they would be good, but after one, I was a GONER!!  I’m talking unbelievably good.  I’m talking so crazy good, I ate 3/4 of the single pack in one sitting (I just finished off the 5 broken remnants)!!  light as air, not overly sweet, so delicate they snap in two easily, just INSANELY DELISH – YOU MUST GO BUY THESE IMMEDIATELY!!

oh lordy, deliver me from Anna's Almond Cinnamon Thins!! DI-VINE!!!

their website lists other flavors too, like Ginger, Chocolate Mint, Vanilla Chocolate Chip, Lemon, Orange and the new, Organic Ginger, but doesn’t mention CVS as a place to buy them!  who cares, they all sound YUM and you can also get them online!!  of course they’ll never replace Pepperidge Farm’s Black/White Milano as the greatest cookie ever made for a grocery shelf, but they’re damn close!

Anna’s Cookies Thins Biscuits, Traditional Swedish Thin Cookies

ok, enough drooling, I think I left some crumbs in the bottom of the package…

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  1. hey – have you tried Biscoff? mail-order cookies I received from my trainer for Xmas (is that wrong or what?) – they carry different varieties of the mostly thin crispy goodies – love-em! –

    • LOL – yeah, is that your trainer way of saying you’re getting too skinny?? well at least you know the cookies aren’t the worst for you (five of these are 140 calories, but of course I didn’t look at that until I had eaten like twenty!). actually, aside from the local CVS (I haven’t check the grocery stores yet), they’re also on, which I only discovered while trying to find the brand online last night. unfortunately, they only sell a few kinds, but they have the Almond Cinnamon and that’s what’s important until I can find and taste-test some of the other flavors! murder, I says – you will absolutely LOVE these!! light as a feather and just super-YUM!!

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