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If you cannot petition the lord with prayer, can I at least petition him for a gator headdress?

these days, I can run out of steam simply after a good meal.  I’m not sure if it’s creeping decrepitude, too much HGTV or carb overload, but it really doesn’t matter – I’z gettin’ to the point where exercising my ‘puter mouse is sometimes all I’ve got energy for.   I surf the web mindlessly looking for signs of the zombie apocalypse or at least a new cheap thrill and usually end up reading more aggravating political crap or gossip sites that incessantly post sixteen times a day about which Kardashian takes the bigger dump.

in the old days when I was bored, I always turned to Ebay for odd and bizarre things I like to surround myself with, such as coconut monkeys from the dusty back closets of snowbirds who vacationed in Florida back in the 50’s and 60’s:

(I don’t own these guys, but they are cute!)
or naughty nekkid girl or guy stuff from those much more provincial times.
(yes, we all know what’s underneath – hey, who knew this old
toy was closer to reality than we ever imagined!)

somewhere along the way though, Ebay, the first, biggest and coolest online flea market in the whole, wide world turned into the global marketplace for the same kinds of cheaply, made-in-China junk we all bitch about daily.  oh sure, there’s still plenty of great stuff on there, but now you have to really beware of those bargain Louboutins you bragged about scoring ‘cos their famous red undersides might just have been painted on with a magic marker!  these days on Ebay, it’s definitely buyer beware.

okay, so that’s the bad news.  the good news is someone invented Etsy, a place where vintage sellers and madcap artists from even the far reaches of Wherethefuckisthatistan hand make anything you can think of and even more that never even crossed your mind.  now it’s my go-to place for pretty much anything completely twisted.  I mean, who wouldn’t want this??

Feathered Extravagant Voodoo Headdress

(the Voodoo Headdress by Halfshell Productions by HalfshellProductions on Etsy )

or how about this?  perfect for Halloween or just to don for those important coven meetings!

Witch Hat, real alligator head, with faux red eyes, handmade Halloween costume princess witch hat

(Witch Hat real alligator head with faux red by MysticRealmsArtist)

but not everything on there is wacky.  there’s so much hand-crafted amazingness on Etsy, it’ll amuse you for hours!  check out the beautiful Polymer Jewelry and Art Objects with Swarovski by BillieBeads.

Swarovski Crystal and Polymer Clay Bunny Rabbit

(I’m mad about their FABULOUS pig too!!)

okay, enough of this,  I want a cookie…

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